Design a professional report with a provided master copy.
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign
The Process
I was provided with a document of copy and set out to make a professional corporate report that visually reflected the content of the report. The goal was to create a cohesive design with an established type-pairing. It was specified to include page numbers, headers for each page, and to expand a color palette beyond the typical red, white and blue.  
Here is the final corporate report. You can view a pdf version through the button below. All the graphs were created in Illustrator, and the final report was put together through InDesign. 
I first started by sketching out thumbnails to come up with various layouts that work best with the copy provided. After creating a design that works best, I then moved on to figure out an interesting yet professional color scheme, as well as a typeface that reflected the same goals.
After many critiques and adjustments to assure that the report was cohesive and well designed, the report was finally complete.
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