Develop and design a brand identity for a tea company
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
The Process
I was prompted with a random business concept that then needed to create a full brand identity for. The concept that I was given was a tea shop. I started by coming up with a name and worked from there to create a primary and secondary logo, typography, brand colors, signage, business card, various packaging, and lastly a website.
After sketching out logo ideas, I finally landed on a circular logo that matched the brand identity I had created for the company. I wanted the logo to reflect a rustic stamp or seal. After I created a static logo, I moved on to creating an animated version. Again, I wanted the logo to have a stamp feel to it, which is what spurred the last half of the animation.
The following details the logos, overall design styles, and various ways it would be implemented in products.
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