Reworking an existing product in a more effective way.
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
The Process
The goal was to locate a product and rework its brand identity and product packaging if needed to make the product more visually effective.
Right away Fabuloso came into mind when given the assignment. Fabuloso’s design has never reflected a multi-purpose cleaner to me, or anyone else that I’ve spoken too. Often a connection is made more to juice than to a cleaning product.
I chose to redesign the lavender scent because it is most often the one confused for juice. After doing some research on the brand, I learned that the product gains its popularity from its strong scent. I didn’t want to pull away too much from the brand as it is a household name, but still wanted the overall design to show a cleaner before anything else. Part of the solution to moving away from juice and more towards multi-purpose cleaner was changing the shape of the bottle. Besides this, the focus was label design. I wrote up a creative brief and began working on creating.
Here you can see the original bottle looks closer to a juice bottle than it does a household cleaner. The hierarchy could benefit from being reorganized because “multi-purpose cleaner” is some of the most important information but one of the smallest things on the bottle.
I first started by sketching out various designs before moving to digital version. I wanted to keep the focus on the strong scent of the product, so it was important that I kept lavender as the focus of the design. Another challenge was to make sure multi-purpose cleaner had a similar level of hierarchy to the scent. In the original design, the text “multi-purpose cleaner” is almost impossible to locate on the bottle. I worked with various stock images and created icons to fit the designs aesthetic.
FORCEpkg was kind enough to let me print out and cut my label at their studio. With one of the designers help, I was able to print on vinyl with a uv printer and add a gloss effect to the bubbles and cut out the label with a Mimaki cutter.
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