May 2021 - May 2022
FORCEpkg is a design and branding agency located in downtown Lancaster, PA. FORCEpkg allowed me and one other Millersville student to join their team for the year. The company does design work in numerous categories, such as automotive, fresh produce, hardware, household cleaning, OTC, snacks, and many more.​​​​​​​
What I Learned
This internship served as an introduction to the world of print and a high turnaround work environment. Most of the work consisted of group collaboration, and finalizing designs to be sent to clients. This provided a new experience and structure I was unfamiliar with because I would receive a project to work on, make a couple of changes, and then not see it again.
  Setting up files for final art
•  How to work in a touch-and-go environment
  How to work as a team
  Printing on large-scale printers
  Creating designs following a company's brand style guide

•  How to balance working on multiple projects at one time
Duet Innovation's ONE2 
Patented Packaging Product Concept
While I worked on various projects over my time with FORCE, most of the time was spent building a brand identity and social media for Duet Innovation’s ONE2 brand. This project was headed by a designer at FORCE and primarily worked on by the interns.
ONE2 is a patented design that focuses on having multiple uses with less space, all while having a distinguished look. We were tasked with creating an overall brand for the product and create a social media presence for ONE2.
I first started by researching and creating a mood board to work from when further developing the brand's overall identity. We wanted to explore bright colors for the logo and use an interlocking style to reflect the interlocking abilities of the product.
This shows the development from the original concept to the final logo (Black B2) that was picked by the client.
Once we had an overall brand identity worked out, the focus shifted towards launching social medias. Our team leader chose to focus on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. The other intern and I began researching and developing marketing strategies for each platform. We wanted to keep our Instagram profile looking unique and interesting, yet still reflect the brand identity of the company. We created tryptic posts with captions that incorporated hashtags to make the posts cleaner and more interactive.
facebook page
FORCEpkg Rebrand 
A fresh look
Along with creating a brand identity for ONE2, the other intern and I worked on researching, designing, and revamping a new brand style for FORCE to better reflect their image. We first started by redesigning their website. Looking through their website at the time, we noticed that there was a lot of motion throughout the website, which made it look too busy and slightly overwhelming. I created wireframes of potential designs, keeping some aspects of the motion, but keeping in minimal. I restructured the order of the content, highlighting the main services they provide in order to make the companies purpose clearer.
Lancaster Print Crawl
The Could-Have-Been 2020 Poster
I first learned of FORCEpkg during the 2019 Lancaster City Print Crawl, so being able to work with them for the 2021 Print Crawl was an exciting moment. We worked to design the 2020 poster that was used in a raffle since the 2020 Print Crawl was canceled due to the pandemic.
The poster focuses on the central part of Lancaster city: showing the Griest building where FORCEpkg is located, and the central market (a hot spot in Lancaster City). The background is an outlined map of the city that includes the other stops for the print crawl. A red rose was included because Lancaster is the red rose city, and lastly, a disposable mask…because how could we not.
The 2020 poster went into a full set of every poster used in the Lancaster Print Crawl to date. This special holographic single print edition set was raffled off for college scholarships for the students at Pennsylvania College of Art and Design and Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology.
Little did I know when I attended the 2019 Print Crawl, I would come back to the 2021 Print Crawl, only this time I was on the other side of the table working with such a wonderful company.
FORCEpkg team and Delanie Dugan
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