Design and code a single paged website based off a Kickstarter project.
Sublime HTML & CSS, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
The Process
The product I chose to develop further was a self-watering smart flowerpot designed to take high humidity air in and turn it into water for plants. The flowerpot is controlled by an app that synchronizes to the plants needs to the pot, so the plant will always stay healthy.
Unfortunately, the Kickstarter project was canceled, but the page for the product can be found here.
I first started by blocking out the layout of the website. From there, I added organically shaped illustrations to keep with the organic and natural feel to reflect that feel of the product. Below is a full image of the coded webpage.
After creating a website for H2Grow, I came back and created packaging for the product itself. I wanted to keep the package minimalistic and reflect the website’s design. The box itself is square, to make it easier to stack and ship to a customer.
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