Design and create a brand identity for an advertising campaign with consistent digital, print, and outdoor advertisements that reflects clients' requests.
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Animate, Adobe InDesign
The Process
The goal was to create an advertising campaign to spread awareness and bring attention to a street - Hongdae, in Seoul, South Korea, in order to draw in tourists. I was given a brief from an imaginary client that explained the concept, defined the target demographic, and listed the various deliverables. This project gave experience with working from a brief, including a sponsor for the project, creating for both digital and print, and meeting specific requirements in both sizing and designs.
To reflect the bright, creative, and lively street that reflects Seoul’s youth, I went with a bright color scheme. Because Hongdae is known for both its day and night life, the color palette reflects both day and night. The primary focus of this campaign was to create a new logo. The final design for the logo reflected of Hangul, the Korean alphabet, but spelled out in English. With both the logo and color palette defined, the ads and signage quickly fell into place.
One of the main focuses for the campaign was to create coded website ads through Adobe Animate. The goal was to create an eye-catching web ad, but nothing too distracting. I went with a simple moving background to catch the viewers' attention first, then followed by an animated button with an active late when the user hovers over it.
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