Researched, surveyed, and developed a manual outlining how to better navigate online learning.
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign
With the pandemic, online schooling increased significantly. As a team, we researched, surveyed, and finally developed a manual of solutions to pain points for the users and programs that experienced the rapid shift to online learning. We gathered feedback from high school and undergrad students through an online survey in order to gather user information. With this feedback, as well as personas, more research, and interviewing students with the five why methods, we created solutions to better online learning platforms and formatted everything in a manual.  
Above are pictures of the research and compiled feedback we gathered from the surveys, as well as the priorities of the abilities of the online teaching platform. Below are the illustrations and graphics I created to be used within the manual.
Hannah O'Steen, Hannah Blaine, Nigel Shumate, Savannah Drouillard
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