Rebrand an existing cryptocurrency company to better reflect the company and its aspirations. 
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesgin, Adobe AfterEffects
The Process
The goal of this project was to do a hypothetical rebranding for an existing cryptocurrency company, Tether. I was given a creative brief that outlined the company's desired deliverables, target audience, and core business objective. You can view the creative brief here
After doing research and brainstorming, I moved on to sketching out multiple possible logo designs that correlated with the company’s desired concepts. I wanted to move away from their current logo idea, but still visualize the “tethered” concept. After coming up with a final black and white logo, I added the color scheme I had picked out to create the final logo.
After creating the final static logo, I moved on to making a dynamic version. I wanted to push the “tether” idea even more, which had an influence on the animation of the logo. I didn’t want the animation to be overly complicated, so I focused on creating something short but still memorable. 
I worked out how the logo would be viewed in different background colors, detailed the logo lockup, and explained exactly how each color could be used within the brand. 
After creating the dynamic logo, I moved on to creating an animated website splash screen that reflected the company's new brand. 
Below is the final presentation that would be shown to the client. It details everything from the new logo and how to use the new colors, to visual mockups of the logo in action, both static and animated. 
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