Research and design a video explaining a concept.
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe AfterEffects
The Process
How Water Bears Could Change the World is a fully animated explainer video what a water bear (or tardigrade) is and how we can learn from these micro-animals. My partner and I started by doing researching on the micro-animal and creating a script to base the animations on. Following this, we worked to create a style guide and put together a rough storyboard, then split up the work and began animating.
We created both pencil and digital versions of the storyboard, each one getting more detailed and more flushed out. Even after creating our final storyboard, a lot at the end of the video still got tweaked, rearranged, and reworked multiple times to create the highest quality video within our time frame.
Hannah O'Steen, Jimmy Blanck
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